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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

EcomMarkt is a digital platform tailored for Portugal, combining the perks of a standalone e-commerce website and a marketplace, giving sellers maximum online flexibility.

How does EcomMarkt.Pt Cater specifically to the Portuguese market? is designed with the local nuances and preferences of the Portuguese market in mind. From integration with local payment systems to understanding regional shopping habits, we're here to offer a truly Portuguese e-commerce experience.

Can I set my store descriptions in Portuguese?

Absolutely! EcomMarkt fully supports Portuguese, ensuring your local customers feel right at home.

Do you provide support in Portuguese?

Our dedicated support team is fluent in Portuguese and ready to assist you with any queries or concerns

How can EcomMarkt help me reach more customers in Portugal?

Our platform is optimized for local SEO and regional promotions, ensuring your store gains maximum visibility among potential Portuguese buyers.

Are there any local partnerships or integrations specific to Portugal?

EcomMarkt has partnered with several local logistics and payment providers, ensuring smooth operations tailored to the Portuguese market.

How does the rental and no-commission model benefit Portuguese sellers?

Portuguese sellers can maximize their profits as EcomMarkt charges a straightforward rental fee without taking any commission. This means more earnings for you with every sale.

Are there any training or onboarding events in Portugal for EcomMarkt?

Yes, we have scheduled a series of onboarding events and workshops across major cities in Portugal to guide sellers through the platform's features.

Is EcomMarkt compatible with Portuguese tax and business regulations?

Absolutely. EcomMarkt is designed in compliance with local regulations, making business operations hassle-free.

How can I join the local EcomMarkt community in Portugal?

We are fostering a thriving community of Portuguese sellers. Joining is easy – simply sign up on our platform and participate in local events, forums, and online discussions.
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